Meeting subsea challenges

The world is facing a rapidly increasing number of challenges related to production installations subsea. X-mas tree (XT) problems are likely to occur within 20 years from installation. These could be SCM failures, scale build up in tubing and umbilical hydraulics failures. As a result production is reduced or even brought to a full stop. The traditional solution has been to replace damaged or run down equipment.

Subsea Smart Solutions has developed flexible and light intervention SHPU solutions for X-mas trees that will reduce replacement time and cost radically. This new patented solution operates the X-mas tree by one electrical line from topside to the SHPU. Our SHPU solutions also contribute to increased safety and weather flexibility during installation.

Driven by decreasing oil prices the oil and gas industry will be focusing on increased oil recovery, expansion of existing fields, life time extension of wells and equipment, and wells with longer distance to host. Production features are also moved from topside to subsea.

Subsea Smart Solutions delivers engineering services and products to extend lifetime of brown field and green field subsea wells and maintain maximum operability of XT systems.

August 2015:
Subsea Smart Solutions has signed an agreement with the Houston based umbilical analysis company Ultra Deep LLC. Ultra Deep will act as Subsea Smart Solutions’ agent offering well life time extension and significant cost reduction to the US market.